1) движение

2) телодвижение
3) ход
4) перемещение
apparent motion
apsidal motion
be in accelerated motion
be in decelerated motion
be in motion
center of motion
center-of-gravity motion
circular motion
clockwise motion
component motion
compound motion
constrained motion
continuous motion
convective motion
correlated motion
crowding motion
curvilinear motion
cutting motion
cycle of motion
damped motion
decelerated motion
direct motion
diurnal motion
downward motion
Earth's motion
equation of motion
forced motion
forward motion
free motion
general motion
harmonic motion
helical motion
horizontal motion
inertial motion
instantaneous motion
intermittent motion
intramolecular motion
inverse motion
irregular motion
jogging motion
lateral motion
lever motion
linear motion
liquid in motion
longitudinal motion
micrometer motion
Moon's motion
motion analyser
motion ceases
motion correction
motion of continuum
opposing motion
ordered motion
oscillatory motion
path of motion
peculiar motion
pendular motion
perpetual motion
perturbed motion
phase motion
pitching motion
plane of motion
plane-parallel motion
planetary motion
polar motion
positive motion
potential motion
proper motion
random motion
reciprocating motion
rectilinear motion
reverse motion
rolling motion
rotary motion
seesaw motion
set in motion
shedding motion
simple motion
smooth motion
spatial motion
spiral motion
steady motion
stellar motion
stick-slip motion
stop motion
straight-line motion
stream-line motion
sweep motion
tangential motion
thermal motion
transient motion
translational motion
transportation motion
transverse motion
uniform motion
unrestricted motion
unstable motion
variable motion
vertical motion
vortex motion
wobbling motion
yawing motion

canonical equation of motion — уравнение Гамильтона

center of harmonic motion — центр гармонического движения

crank picking motion — кривошипный механизм боя

depth feed motion — движение подачи на глубину

direction parameters of motion — направляющие движение

domain wall motion — движение границ доменов

forward motion of sweep — прямой ход развертки

lost motion time — время холостого хода

Newton's first law of motion — <phys.> закон инерции

Newton's laws of motion — закон мханики Ньютона

Newton's second law of motion — <phys.> закон об ускорении и силе

Newton's third law of motion — <phys.> закон действия и противодействия

reverse motion selector — искатель обратного действия

tappet eccenctric motion — эксцентриковый механизм боя

target motion rate — параметр движения цели

time for motion to start — время трогания

uniformly retarded motion — равномерно замедленное движение

uniformly variable motion — равномерно-переменное движение

warp stop motion — ламельный прибор

Англо-русский технический словарь.

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